Why Killers in Uniform Are Roaming Free in Kashmir, asks Er Rashid



Er Rashid

MLA Langate Er Rashid Thursday appealed Delhi to re-consider its decision to hang Yaqoob Meman for his alleged involvement in 1993 Bombay blasts, saying hanging people doesn’t serve desired purpose.

In a statement, the lawmaker said that “undoubtedly our hearts beat for the innocents killed in the blast as every locality in Kashmir has seen the ugly fruits of incidents like Mumbai but we need not to forget that the main accused are still at large and there is every apprehension that Yaqoob Meman has been made scapegoat in the whole issue.”

One needs to confess, he said, that while in notorious Sorabdin’s murder case people have got clean chit but investigating agencies are always in hurry to find a reason and justification to make a Muslim youth an escape-goat.

“GoI also needs to introspect that what forced a highly educated and financially sound person like Yaqoob Meman to provide logistic support to the attackers,” he said. “If Indian state really wants all those who kill innocent humans to be punished why has the system failed to hang even a single person in uniform who committed more heinous crimes than Afzal Guru, Yaqoob Meman and Ajmal Amir Kasab in J&K.”

Who doesn’t know that the government sponsored renegades called Ikhwanis butchered hundreds of Kashmiri families publicly and in broad day lights,” he said. “These Ikhwanis were not only rewarded with huge cash rewards but even few were facilitated to reach the Assembly.”

In almost every village of Kashmir there are dozens of witnesses where some army officers were seen enjoying and deriving entertainment after shooting innocent civilians at their will but not even the FIRs were lodged, he said.

“In every village there are Kashmiri young and old women who are very innocent but the notorious killers hailing from task force, Ikhwan, Army, CRPF and BSF are like house hold names everywhere. Killers are killers whosoever they may be, but the state has more responsibility than non-state actors and can never escape from its duty by hanging few non-state actors and awarding killers in uniform with promotions, perks and privileges.”


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