Islam, Only Inspiration of Our Struggle: Hurriyat Conference (g)



All Parties Hurriyat Conference (g) Wednesday said that “the way” social media has carried the 15th March statement of the Hurriyat Secretary General (IInd) Ghulam Nabi Sumji reflects that some people “do not” have interpreted the statement in its “correct perspective and they have gone the wrong way”.

“In fact, it was an article published in a local English daily in which the author had criticized the Ulema and the Islamic scholars that their lectures in the religious programs and Masajid are instigating the Kashmiri youths to pick up the arms,” a statement issued by Hurriyat Conference (g) said this evening.

“The Hurriyat Conference (g) secretary general had rejected and refuted the views of the said author in his March 15 press statement and had said that the blaming the religious gatherings and Friday sermons for the rise in the armed struggle and accusing Ulema and Islamic Scholars for that is in no way a fair thinking,” the statement said.

“He had actually said that it is the forced occupation of India and the oppression and excesses of its occupational forces which are forcing our beloved children to choose the path of the brave people and abandon their colleges and universities to pick up the weapon and contribute their part in the freedom struggle of the nation,” the statement added.

Hurriyat Conference statement further said, “the inspiration for the freedom struggle of Kashmir is only and only Islam and establishing of a model Islamic state after attaining freedom from the clutches of India is our first and last objective.”

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