Islamabad, Kulgam, Pulwama districts to witness drastic power cuts in coming days

Aakash Hassan


The district in southern part of Kashmir are going to witness “severe” electricity cuts in next few days as the Kishanpur-Mirbazar transmission line has got damaged due to collision of a Tanker at Batote.

Officials at Power Development Department (PDD) told Kashmir Life, that there will be more than 30% of curtailment in the power.

“There was an accident of an oil tanker and it had collided with Transmission Tower at batote, on Highway,” a top official said. “The tower has suffered severe damage.”

An emergency team has been shifted to check the situation of the tower and it will be known by Thursday evening that how long the transmission line will take to get operational.

The transmission line was supplying electricity to the most parts of Islamabad, Kulgam and Pulwama Districts, officials said.

The unprecedented damage to the transmission line is going to add to the power woes of the south Kashmir districts.


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