It is moral bankruptcy, JRL on lawyers bid to block charge sheet filing by CB


Joint Resistance Leadership comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq and Muhammad Yasin Malik on Tuesday described the attempt of Kathua Bar Association and certain political parties of Jammu to prevent Crime Branch from filing a charge sheet against the criminals involved in the brutal rape and murder of eight year old girl child Asifa as shocking and morally bankrupt.

The spokesman said that there will be hardly any place in the world where efforts will be made by a section of people to shield the culprits involved in a minor’s child’s rape and murder unless there is a heinous ulterior motive involved. And it seems that it’s that motive of intimidation and displacement of the Gujjar community from their land which is driving these people to such shameless and highly condemnable actions.

These lawyers by creating hurdles in filing the charge sheet against the culprits is a violation of all basic principles of law, justice and humanity, which has left a big question mark on their credibility and the protest by them clearly indicates that these lawyers are working under political pressure and an agenda. This brazen act by lawyers has also taken the lid off the lid of their anti-Muslim mindset against the Muslims of Jammu and Chenab region.

The leadership while citing the case of Nirbahya rape and murder that shook India in December 2016, stated that all political, religious and social organisations civil society activists etc rightly joined hands and spoke in one voice to ensure severe punishment to the culprits and justice for the victim but reverse is the case in Asifa’s where every effort is being made to shield and save the culprits by communalising this human issue of justice to a little child.

The leadership made it clear that whether it is the issue of justice for Asifa or any issue related to injustice or harassment of the people of Jammu, Chenab Valley, Rajouri and Poonch at the hands of fanatic elements who belong to a particular community, Kashmiri Leadership and the people of Kashmir will always stand by them and stand up for them.


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