Jama’at condemns killing of civilian in Shopian


Reacting to a recent encounter that occurred in Khudpora Shpian in south Kashmir, Jama’at-e-Islami on Monday said that government forces have let loose a reign of terror throughout the valley which is increasing day by day.

The spokesman said that every day on one pretext or other, the innocent Kashmiri youth are killed in order to intimidate and harass the people in general so as to compel them to surrender their most precious human and fundamental right ‘right to self-determination’.

He said the way the innocent youth are targeted and deprived of their lives or personal freedom by the government forces; clearly depict the forces’ hatred and enmity against the Kashmiris. This behavior is quite inhuman, which disregards every legal safeguard available to a human being under the civilized legal system.

What the law says about the human life, dignity, and property is quite ignored by these unruly forces with the full support and sanction of their bosses sitting in New-Delhi whose only aim seems to be the “suppression” of the people.

Jama’at-e-Islami Jammu and Kashmir strongly condemn the barbaric action of killing a 22-year-old innocent youth Shahid Mansoor Mir of Khudpora Gagran without any justification and appeals the international bodies for the safeguarding of human rights to take serious note of these human rights violations going on unabated in the valley.


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