Jama’at Says Yoga a Mortal Sin For Muslims



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The religious organisation Jama’at-e-Islami (JeM) Jammu & Kashmir Thursday cautions the Muslims not to be swayed away by any “propaganda” linked with Yoga and advised them to remain firmly attached to their faith in Islam providing the best guidance for the human beings in general.

“Yoga is not a simple exercise but a religious exercise-cum-prayer of a particular polytheistic community in which besides physical exercises, some religious practices of this particular community are intermixed,” JeM said in a statement.

“During yoga some words are recited which contradict the basic faith of Islam and as such are blasphemous for Muslims. Furthermore at the start of yoga, the participants bow before the sun or any other creature which is not only prohibited in Islam but also a mortal sin.”

This whole exercise also includes some particular religious signs and customs and as such resembles paganistic rituals, the JeM said: “So in the present form, a Muslim should not adopt this type of exercise at all.”

There are so many more useful methods of the physical exercise for fitness which can be adopted to seek the required purpose, the statement said: “Furthermore, it is mandatory for every Muslim to start his all activities with the recitation of the name of Allah, the creator of this whole universe.”

So far as Namaz (Salah) is concerned, JeM said, “it is simply a prayer, the best form of worshipping Allah and whatever is recited in it reminds us that we are the obedient slaves of Allah alone and it has no resemblance with yoga or any other exercise whatsoever.”

“Anybody comparing Namaz with yoga can only be termed as the most ignorant person on this globe.”

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