Jamaat stands by its statement on Pragaash; Vulgar activities deviate from the right path


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Dismissing criticism of its statement over the all-girls rock bank Pragaash, the Jamaat -e -Islami Thursday said that its statement about the about rock-band episode is in consonance with its purpose and mission of the Jamaat and has as such fulfilled its responsibility.

“Jamaat cannot remain tight-lipped upon such occasion but has to present the true picture of Islam and identify such activities which are quite alien to it and aware the common masses about them. However, during the propagation we have to keep in mind the compassionate attitude and manner of Dayee”, the Jamaat-e-Islami spokesman Advocate Zahid Ali said in a statement issued to local news agency KNS.

“Jamaat-e-Islami, Jammu and Kashmir has come into existence with the sole purpose and mission of establishment of Islamic system of life in the state. For achieving this noble purpose, it has been engaged in propagation of real teachings of Islam in accordance with Quran and Sunnah so that people, in particular Muslims, get aware of the fact that Islam is a complete code of life which has been revealed by Allah upon his last Messenger of Islam, prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in its perfect form and it is the duty of Muslim to understand it, adopt it in their practical life and then struggle to dominate it upon all other man-made systems of life”, the statement reads. The spokesman said that in achieving its goal, Jamaat is also duty bound to clean and remove all misunderstandings found in people about Islam.

“In case any Muslim indulges in any activity prohibited under Islam or contradictory to any Islamic law or commandment, Jamaat is duty bound to educate such a Muslim in positive manner with the sole aim of reforming him/her”, he added. “But in case some nefarious elements knowingly try to promote a violation of Islamic laws or immodesty etc, Jamaat cannot remain a mute spectator but it is duty bound to come forward and aware people about these vicious elements in the light of Quran and Sunnah”, he further said.

He said that keeping this fact in view, Jamaat has fulfilled its obligation when it expressed its comments and reacted upon so-called “Pragaash Rock-band” formed by some Muslim girls in the light of Islamic teachings and in this way has not committed any deviation from the mission with which it came into existence.

“Rock dancing and other such vulgar activities which emanated from the western culture and are being promoted by some ignorant and vicious elements in the society so as to get it deviated from the right path”, he added.


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