Jama’at’s ‘100’ Claim ‘Clean City’ in 15 Days

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Studying in his class eighth, a volunteer of Jama’at-e-Islami is one of the hundred associates engaged by the Kashmir’s largest Socio-Politico-Religo organization to clean Srinagar city which was hit by devastative deluge early last month.

The volunteer, wishing to remain anonymous, says, “I have come from Baramullah to help my brothers and elders to clean Srinagar.” “I am here only to get awarded in life after death.”

Jama’at-e-Islami launched a massive cleanliness drive Saturday morning from flood ravaged Rajbagh. The group claims that they shall make the erstwhile posh localities of Rajbagh and Jawahar Nagar ‘liveable’ in coming two weeks.

“We got hundred volunteers from across Kashmir who are camping in Srinagar to give their services to clear debris and then clean Rajbagh and Jawahar Nagar localities,” said Jama’at’s PRO Ess Ahmad Pirzada. The volunteers are being engaged for at least three days after that a new group shall be engaged which shall continue for fifteen days, he said.

“The volunteers,” said Pirzada, “have been divided into groups who are sent to different lanes and by lanes.”

He said that their motive is to make flood hit city areas ‘liveable’ within 15 days. But, he added, “We can extend the program if need arises.”

Giving further details about their initiative, Pirzada said that they have ensured that healthy and fit associates are engaged in the cleanliness process. “There is huge possibility of getting infected while cleaning the areas, so we have tried to engage youth who are sound and healthy.

He added, “our group leaders carry medicine with them in case of any emergency.”

Seen very busy cleaning an area in a Kursu lane, a white bearded man is leading a group of nine young men. The oldie, when asked about the drive said, “Today we have been spared and it is our duty to help those who are hit by this deluge.” “Tomorrow it may be us!”

Pirzada said that Jama’at’s programme was to engage three JCBs and fifteen trucks to carry the debris but when they approached Srinagar Municipal Corporation in this case the programme was slightly altered.

“When we approached SMC with the cleanliness drive program, they welcomed the move,” Pirzada further informed. “The program, by default, is a joint strategy between us and SMC now,’ he said.

As SMC is itself engaged in clearing the debris, their JCBs and trucks also carry the garbage assembled by the Jama’at volunteers and they themselves are dumping at their select places.

While the volunteers shall spend their third -Monday- cleaning the area from Zero Bridge to Kursu Bund via Hurriyat office, they are moving towards Radio colony, Ikhraj Pora and then Jawahar Nagar.

“Our first stage shall be to clean the houses and localities and then our volunteers shall fumigate these cleaned houses and localities,” said Tariq Makki, In-charge Cleanliness Drive.

More so the group claims of cleaning the holy places as well. They said that so far, they have, cleaned four big Masjids in the area.

“At one place, our volunteers first cleaned a Masjid (Masjid Ahsan), and then called Asar Azan for the first time since city was deluged on September 7,” Makki informed. The Masjid is commonly referred as Tramboo Masjid.

A senior Jama’at member claimed that when floods hit city on September 7, Jama’at was the first organization to reach ravaged Rajbagh. “MLA of the area in a Radio interview replied to a question that first relief truck to enter Rajbagh was from Jama’at-e-Islami.

Pirzada further said that if anyone, any family is not in a position to clean their households; they should not hesitate to contact Jama’at representatives.


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