Jamiat Al-Hadith to boycott elections

KL Report


Over the issue of Poll boycott campaign, Kashmir’s Jamaet-e-Alhadith (JeH) Thursday passed the buck to pro-freedom camp- stating the organization will follow suits of the separatist leadership in letter and spirit.

Talking to KNS, JeAH chief Gulam Mohammad Bhat said that the calls issued by Kashmir’s pro-freedom leaders will be followed and that Jamiat has already made its position clear by maintaining that ‘Kashmir is a disputed territory’ that needs to be resolved at the earliest. “Elections cannot resolve the issue; hence it is a futile exercise. People know better what they should do.”

The JeAH chief stated that his organization has already intimated to its cadres over the issue of poll boycott. “We will follow the call of separatists’ vis-à-vis polls- as they have asked people to stay away from polls, we will follow the same.”

Bhat maintained that JeAH is a dawah organization and has an important role for the eradication of social evils from the society.

When asked about Jamiat’s plans about the door to door poll boycott campaign as done by Moulana Showkat Shah- the slain JeAH chief in 2008, Bhat stated that the issue is yet to be finalized and the same shall be discussed threadbare at the Shoora meet- expected to be held in near future. “If the Shoora decides that we must launch a massive poll boycott campaign- we will oblige the orders and it decides to stay away from the exercise, JeH will adhere to that decision.”

About Jamiat’s equations with Muthadi Majlis-e-Ulma, Bhat said that as long as the guidelines of Quran and Sunnah are followed in letter and spirit- it has no differences with any organization. “If someone overlooks the guidelines of Islam- even if that party would be closer to us- there won’t be any unity.”

Over the delay in the approval for the establishment of Trans World Muslim University, the JeAH chief remarked that the delay tactics from government’s side is being played for the establishment of Trans-world. He added that so far JeAH has several times written to the authorities over the reason of delay but no concrete reply is being given.  “We will continue to strive for the establishment of the university with the optimistic approach.”


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