Jammu and Kashmir: Union govt to offer better monetary incentives to surrendered militants



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The government of India is preparing a new “surrender policy” to bring militants back with the possibility of more attractive monetary and social security support, media reports said on Thursday.

Apart from launching a multi-pronged crackdown in the Kashmir valley, the government is also trying to woo the local population with the promise of a better future through investment, job creation, and infrastructure development. At present, as part of the rehabilitation policy, a militant receives an immediate grant of Rs 1.5 lakh to be kept as a fixed deposit in a bank in the name of the surrendered person for a period of three years.

The money can be withdrawn by him only on completion of three years. The policy also allows the payment of Rs 2,000 as a monthly stipend for three years after the surrender. “In today’s time, the amount of Rs 1.5 lakh cannot be of much help for a person who has returned to the mainstream and has many responsibilities to fulfill and that is why a bigger monetary package is being considered along with an increase in the monthly stipend of Rs 2,000 per month,” sources said, quoted India Today.

“The terms and conditions for giving the monetary support to surrendered militants could also be made more liberal where a person does not have to wait for very long and can put the money for some use for his livelihood.” The amount given for surrendering weapons such as AK-47 and shoulder-fired missiles is also going to be increased significantly by the government.

The Centre is planning this surrender policy for militants at a time when footballer Majid Khan returned from the LeT.

India Today quoting sources said among a majority of the families in Kashmir whose children have joined the ranks with militants, fear that the youngsters may get killed and they need to be brought back to be saved from troops’ bullets.


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