Muhammad Raafi


Dozens of students on Friday boarded a Go Air flight from Srinagar to Jammu. The students are scheduled to appear in the All India GATE exams tomorrow.

However, the Go Air-G8 180 flight instead of landing at Jammu airport straight way flied to New Delhi thus putting career of dozens of students at stake.

Kashmir Life received scores of calls from the aggrieved students saying that the flight authorities announced it mid-air that the flight has been diverted to Delhi and will not land in Jammu. “The flight attendant announced that due to ‘bad weather’ flight has been diverted to Delhi,” said one of the students. “However, later all the flights landed in Jammu on schedule.”

The GATE exams are scheduled to start at 9 AM on Saturday in winter capital Jammu and hundreds of students are appearing in the test which is held once in a year. “We have been preparing for whole year and now when we are ready for exams Go Air has ruined that moment,” the students said, “we are stranded at Delhi airport and there is no arrangement for us.”

When contacted the Srinagar office of the Go Air said, “we cannot arrange any alternate flight for the students.”

The students blasted the claims of the air passenger carrier saying that they have put their careers at stake. “How is it possible to reach Jammu early Saturday?” the students questioned, “the Go Air authorities too are not paying any heed to our demands.”


  1. GoAir has the worst flight service.Even most of the time it use to get delayed and they don’t even bother about customer satisfaction,god knows for what reason they take service tax and convenience charges.

  2. I had a horrible experience with GoAir recently. I along with my ailing uncle (Suffering from Cancer) had booked a non-stop flight to Mumbai. On reaching the airport the person at the boarding desk informs us that the flight will have a 30 minutes halt at delhi and then it will fly to mumbai. I looked for the person incharge for GoAir at the airport but no one took the responsibility. Also the flight was delayed for 3 hours which made it sure that we reach Mumbai airport by 11 pm. Later on when we boarded the flight there were delhi bound passengers in the aircraft because they airline had merged two flights (Sxr Delhi and Sxr Mumbai). so pathetic on their part.


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