Jammu Drinks for Entire J&K, Literally!




Jammu consumed 14807450 LPLs (London Proof Litres) Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL), 6633580 cases of Beer and 27961 cases of Ready to Drink (RTD) in last two years.

While divulging the details, the state government informed the assembly that it collected Rs 8394.28 lakh (during 2013-14), Rs 9579.65 lakh (during 2014-15) and Rs 3819.34 lakh (upto August this year) as duty on Jammu’s booze import.

Further, Jammu, where 20 liquor manufacturing units are operational, exported 2964035.61 LPLs of IMFL and 39058243 beer bottles in last two years, fetching the government Rs 895,009 on IMFL and Rs 3265574 on beer export taxes.

Previously, excise department data manifested that in Jammu province alone, the revenue collection from liquor sale increased to Rs 263.33 crore in 2009-2010 from Rs 221.34 crore in 2008-2009, indicating Rs 41.98 crore increase in revenue.

Over the years, the official data shows the increasing booze tendency of Jammu.


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