Jammu Muslims warn Agitation if Lal Singh not Removed



Mohammad Sharief Sartaj speaking at presser in Jammu on May 26, 2016.
Mohammad Sharief Sartaj speaking at presser in Jammu on May 26, 2016.

The recent statement of J&K’s Forest Minister Choudhary Lal Singh has drawn flak from Muslim Action Committee Jammu who on Thursday while slamming Singh for his ‘anti-Muslim’ remarks demanded stern action against him.

Addressing a press conference in Jammu, Muslim Action Committee president Muhammad Sharief Sartaj said that the outburst of the Minister is the perfect reflection of the mind set of RSS and the Sangh Parivar.

“Singh, despite being a politician has been continuously showing disrespect to every section of society and he has even not spared medicos,” he said, “’when he was in Congress, Singh even humiliated and insulted the present Prime Minister of India.”

“Singh is now trying to mislead the people. His claim that he was talking about the 47 degree temperature is misleading and untrue,” Sartaj claimed. “Little did he know that he made his communal remarks in front of people who were literate and educated. Singh simply tried to remind them about 1947 communal violence when zealots butchered thousands of Muslims in Jammu. This shameful, sordid and communalist statement is outrageous to say the least. It is highly condemnable that FIR sought to be filed by Muslims of Jammu has not been registered. It is equally condemnable that Chief Minister has not taken note of this deplorable statement.”

Sartaj who was flanked by other leaders, said, “despite thousands of sinister plans of RSS and its allies, the Muslims are very much existing and deeply attached to their cherished faith.”

“So many Lal Singhs have tried to erode the faith of Muslims but have bitterly failed in their designs. He cannot overawe the Muslims in Jammu by such threats and force them to leave Jammu. They will live in Jammu boldly,” he said.

Muhammad Sharief Sartaj, according to CNS, said, “stupidity of Lal Singh has no substitute.” “He acts in a fool’s way and his behaviour with everyone is never up to the mark,” he said.

The press conference was also addressed by several other leader of Muslim Action Committee Jammu including Sheikh Zahoor Ahmed, Mumtaz Chowdhary, Nazim Malik. Chowdhary Akhter Hussain Khatana, Chowdhary Muhammad Qais, Chowdhary Muhammad Yasmeen, Hyder Ali, Muhammad Yousuf, Showkat Gujjar, Haji Ikhlaq, Showkat Mir, Muhammad Gulzar Pardesi, Rashpal Sharma, Imran Khan, Bashir Ahmed, Showkat Ali Malik and Rafiq Chowdhary.

The speakers resolved that across Jammu province the Muslims shall protest after Friday prayers and in case Lal Singh is not removed from the cabinet. “Protests shall be intensified and apart from it the doors of Courts shall also be knocked and constant protest shall be staged in front of Secretariat at Srinagar,” they said.

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