Jammu woman flown out during Everest ascend


The Jammu woman who was on way to the Mount Everest has been flown out and is being treated in Kathmandu, reports appearing in the media said.

The 52 year old woman is Sangeeta S Bahl who has been a mountaineer and a former contestant in a Ms India contest.

Reports said the team of which Bahl was a part was suffering from high-altitude sicknesses while attempting to the peak. Others who were evacuated include Argentine climbers Andres Esteban Pariz and Ricardo Dario Birn. Accompanying them is Phurba Tamang, a Nepali climber. They have been admitted to various hospitals in Nepal.

Bahl, the Miss India 1985 pageant finalist and a former model, is out of danger. Reports said the evacuated climbers were affected by snow blindness and frostbite when they prepared for final summit pushes from the higher camps on the 8,848 meters tall Mount Everest.


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