Javid Tenga assumes office as President J&K JCCI


A three-day meeting of representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Jammu, Kashmir and Azad Kashmir was held in Bangkok from January 25 to 27.

The spokesman said the new leadership of the Jammu & Kashmir Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry (J&K-JCCI) assumed office for the new term of 2018 as per the prevailing traditions of this forum Mr JavidĀ  Ahmad Tenga took the position of President, with Mr Rakesh Gupta and Mr Ghulam Murtaza as joint Presidents.

This was followed by a detailed discussion about the support required by the J&K-JCCI to become more strengthened in order to be able to work towards the facilitation of trade. The J&K-JCCI reiterated their support on the ground to the LOC traders and to play their role in making recommendations to respective governments for enhancing this confidence-building measure. An MOU was also signed in this regard.

The other attendees including women leaders from the three regions proposed futuristic measures to boost trade and economic and cultural connectivity. The main ideas discussed to promote the LOC trade were the inclusion of services in this context and advanced banking arrangements to facilitate a better and more effective trade process. All the business leaders agreed to take these ideas forward by talking to the governments of India and Pakistan and building confidence in their respective communities as well as amongst the three Chambers of Commerce and Industries.

The spokesman said ex-presidents and presidents of the Chambers apprised the participants of the previous efforts made to promote the cross-LOC trade. The efforts and leadership of the past presidents to get the Joint Chamber to this point were greatly admired by the participants and it was emphasised that their continued guidance and support for this institution would be highly valuable. Subsequently, important issues concerning each region were discussed by the representatives, the key focus being on the improvement of connectivity across the regions.


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