JCC’s Fresh Protest Calendar: Strike On Jan 8, 9,10

KL Report


Accusing the state government of being ‘non-serious’ towards fulfillment of their just demands, the state employee’s umbrella body- Joint Consultative Committee (JCC), has announced yet another protest programme.

In a press conference at Press Club Jammu, on Sunday, the amalgam of state trade unions JCC called for a three day strike of state employees on 8,9 and 10th of January. JCC gave an ultimatum to the state government till Jan 10, after which they threatened to launch a decisive phase of agitation against the state government, if their demands were not met.

“If the state government did not fulfill its commitment as envisaged in its agreement of July 28, 2012, including enhancement in retirement age to 60 years, removal of pay anomalies and regularization of daily wage employees, a decisive programme will be announced on Jan 10”, said the employees’ leaders during the press conference.

“If the government fails to fulfill our demands, the agitation will be intensified”, said the JCC leaders adding that on 8th and 10th of January, all the employees will assemble and protest at their respective district and divisional headquarters respectively to push the government for fulfilling the demands.

They accused the government of forgetting the 28 July 2012 agreement signed by the government and the employee leadership like the earlier one signed on 15 September 2011.

While asserting that the government had lost its credibility by backtracking on its promises and written agreements, the leaders said the government was bound to fulfill their just demands. “We have given a lot of time to the government, but it has failed to live up to its promise”, said JCC leaders Muhammad Khurshid Alam and Abdul Qayoom Wani.

The JCC leadership has  accused the government of adopting a stubborn attitude which according to them is pushing them towards extreme steps. “The government is non-serious towards our problems and is pushing us for the decisive protest programme”, said JCC leader Farooq Trali.


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