JDA demolishes Gujjar Madrassa in Gole Gujral

SRINAGAR: After spearing it in its earlier demolition drive, the Jammu Development Authority on Monday razed to ground a Madrassa in Jammu’s Gole Gujral, residents informed.

JDA officials accompanied by police came with bulldozers early morning and razed to ground the Madrassa.

Eid prayers at Jammu. Pic: J&K Government

Residents said that earlier when the JDA demolished a vast number of constructions in the locality, inhabited by the Gujjar community, they had informed the residents that they have speared the madrassa, a community facility. However, it was demolished today, almost one and a half years later.

Residents said that they had been living in the belt for more than forty years and the Madrassa also existed for a very long time. The locality lives near Tawi on one of its banks. The belt has a mixed population of Gujjar Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs, Interestingly, the locality existed years before JDA was born.

“There are scores of religious spaces and community facilities that have come on either side of the Ranbir Canal but neither of them was touched,” Shuja Zafar, the Chairman of the Jammu Muslims Front told Kashmir Life. “If they were not touched why this small Maktab was destroyed.”

Zafar said the demolition is the outcome of the negativity of the bureaucracy and the government. “They want to create divisions for their own ends,” Zafar said. “It was deliberately;y was done.”

In immediate reaction to the JDA operations, the Gujjaras of the area are protesting, They have blocked the road and are seeking administration to visit them and explain what they did.


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