JK Bank Branch Strength Reaches 800 Mark


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Embarking on the mission to further expand its foot-print across length and breadth of the state, J&K Bank opened yet another business unit at Batpora area of the Shopian district in the state on Saturday.

Parvez Ahmad, Bank’s Executive President inaugurated the business unit and with this the branch network of the bank has touched 800 mark.

Speaking on the occasion, Parvez Ahmad termed J&K Bank as the custodian of peoples’ trust. “The biggest strength of J&K Bank is the immense trust it enjoys from the people of J&K and we as custodians of this trust will continue to contribute in whatever way we can”, he said.

Parvez urged the local youth to take advantage of the bank’s customized financial solutions to translate their talent and energies into successful business enterprises.

Emphasizing that Shopian’s economic potential could work wonders if people of the district especially youth take up the challenge of transforming the fruit industry of the district from the traditional mode to modern one, guided by technological intervention and scientific temperament.

He said, “Shopian region enjoys distinction of producing high quality apples. The apple industry is major source of income and employment in the region and has played a vital role in improving standards of living of the people in the region. J&K Bank is willing to work in close coordination with the stakeholders with a view to protect and promote the industry on scientific, systematic and sustainable basis.”

He further said, “Youth of the district hold the key to change the mindset.  Youth will have to rise to the occasion and mobilize support, acceptance and even resources for modern approach to horticulture together with latest technological innovations in the area of fruit industry. This will increase the production, improve the quality and multiply the earnings”.

“If you fail to recognize and play your role, fruit economy will, God forbid, meet the fate of our handicrafts industry, the very survival of which is today at stake”, he stressed.

The Executive President while describing Shopian a socially and emotionally aware society, said, “There is a need to develop social, intellectual and emotional skills and behaviour by setting up quality educational and health institutions.” He invited entrepreneurs with a vision and dynamism to set up such institutions and J&K Bank will be willing to support such viable institutions.

He agreed to the suggestions of the customers present on the occasion that there is need to expand the branch network to the under banked and unbanked areas of the district.


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