JK Couple Gets Life Imprisonment For Disabled Nephew’s Murder


SRINAGAR: A couple hailing from Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir has been sentenced to life imprisonment and fined Rs 50,000 each by the principal sessions judge, Haq Nawaz Zargar, on Wednesday.

The conviction stems from their involvement in the murder of their disabled nephew, which occurred in Chenani back in 2016. The nephew, Mohan Lal, was killed over a minor dispute, and the court found Joli Ram and his wife Thakri Devi, residents of Naal Bashat, Chenani, guilty of this crime.

The court’s examination revealed that Joli Ram and Thakri Devi were responsible for the death of Mohan Lal, who was both helpless and armless.

The motive behind the murder was determined to be a trivial disagreement regarding the mishandling of tomato boxes. The court held the couple accountable under RPC Section 302 in conjunction with Section 34.

In addition to the life sentences and fines, the court also ruled that the fine amount would serve as compensation for the children of the deceased. The presiding judge, Haq Nawaz Zargar, emphasized the significance of justice being served in this matter.

According to police records, the incident took place on July 24, 2016, at approximately 3 am. SI Manoj Kumar gathered an eyewitness statement from Soma Devi at Chenani Hospital. Soma Devi alleged that earlier on the same evening, around 10:30 pm, Joli Ram and Thakri Devi, driven by enmity related to the sale and purchase of vegetables, lured Mohan Lal out of his house. In the presence of complainant Soma Devi and Mohan Lal’s wife Ratna Devi, the couple brutally attacked Mohan Lal with an axe, resulting in his fatal head injuries.

Following the assault, Mohan Lal was rushed to the hospital, where medical professionals pronounced him dead. This tragic incident sheds light on the grave consequences of a petty dispute and highlights the importance of maintaining peace and resolving conflicts through peaceful means.


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