J&K govt searching for people who attended Delhi Markaz


The Jammu and Kashmir government is searching for the people who visited the Tablighi Jamaat religious gathering at Nizamuddin Markaz in Delhi in mid-March and returned to the union territory.

With most corona cases in Kashmir having a history of direct or indirect contact with members from a religious gathering, nothing is left to chances.

The district Commissioners in Kashmir have appealed to the members who were a part of the gathering to identify themselves for putting them under surveillance isolation and quarantine.

“We are taking the matter very seriously and have appealed to all those who attended the Nizamuddin congregation to come up for the screening,” Divisional Commissioner of Kashmir, P.K Pole told IANS.

He said initially there was some reluctance shown by the people to reveal their travel histories but now more and more people are coming forward.

“Four cases which were found positive in south Kashmir had contracted it through the members of religious gathering,” he said. “The process of tracing the men who attended the congregation is being seriously pursued.”

He said there are 87 people from Kashmir who were currently in Nizamuddin and have been put in quarantine in Delhi itself.

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“They have been put under quarantine, we are in touch with Delhi police on this issue,” he said.

Notably, on March 24, a 65-year-old died in Kashmir. He was a part of the religious gathering at Nizamuddin and had returned to Kashmir on March 16. (IANS)


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