The life line of our lives is blocked;
And our ambitious hearts are cooked.
We,as a community,is falsely booked;
And we forget that the blood is soaked.

All loot us in the way;
And there remains nothing to say.
The authorities are being looked at bay;
And the milk of ours is full of whey.

The age of technology is nowhere;
And we are ordered to bear.
Here, modernity is not to share;
They have taught us how to tear.
The journey of our lives is unthinkable;
And ,We are becoming intolerable.
The sun,in this part of the world,is unusable;
And it has become adjustable.

Please get up from the deep sleep;
As, our fellow beings have wounds deep.
We only here are to creep;
Because we only know to weep.

Apart from these,the female died;
Because she was allowed to be fried.
She gave birth to a child on the roadside;
Here,we are left cried.

Syed Mustafa Ahmad
Hajibagh, HMT


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