Surrender of 1975, robbery of 1987 and betrayal of 1996 last nails in the coffin of internal autonomy: Sajad Lone


Challenging the National Conference to a debate on the Erosion of State Autonomy and the central role played by the NC, Sajad Lone criticized the NC president for adapting lies and deceit not just as a way of life but a cardinal aspect of their political doctrine practiced and perfected over three generations in pursuit of power by all and every means, the party spokesman in a statement said.

Addressing a large gathering of workers in Khumriyal, Lolab, Sajad called out the NC President for his statement that their family had always safeguarded J&K’s Autonomy.

“No other lineage in the state has singlehandedly trampled over the autonomy of the states as have the Abdullah’s in pursuit of treacherous self-interest yet have the temerity to continue lying unabashedly and peddling constant deceptions”, he said.

He went on to question the Abdullah’s 36 years’ rule in intervals between 1975 to 2014 and asked NC to provide one instance where anyone from the three generations of Abdullah’s in successive stints in power has made any serious efforts towards the reversal of the erosions meted out to Art. 370.

“There have been 44 erosions total and all undertaken either by the NC or their partners in “crime” the Congress – their permanent allies and presently “friendly opposition”. Sheikh Abdullah after assuming power in 1975 made the following amendments: Constitution Order 100 dated 29-06-1975, Constitution Order 101 dated 23-07-1975, Constitution Order 104 dated 25-05-1976, Constitution Order 108 dated 31-12-1977, Constitution Order 122 dated 04-06-1985, and Ordinance No. III of 1976 amending to section 4 of the Land Grants Act, 1960

Sajad said that it was during the elections of 1996 the ensuing conflict put New Delhi on the back foot and desperate for political participation, it was willing to restore internal autonomy in Jammu and Kashmir.

“The then PM Narasimha Rao put forth the offer “Sky is the Limit”. This was the perfect moment – “Stalemate in Conflict” when Kashmir had a chance to redeem its special status and the bargaining leverage to extract a dignified deal from a beleaguered New Delhi. However, Farooq Abdullah stepped in and true to his legacy struck a deal to ensure his own return to power”, he added.

Sajad said that Farooq Abdullah yet again chose to steal the rare opportunity of the restoration of internal autonomy by contesting elections in 1996 when no party in Kashmir was ready to fight elections.


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