JKCCTA Protests ‘Manipulation’ of Court Directions

by Insha Shirazi

SRINAGAR: The Administrative Department of Higher Education has filed an appeal in the Honorable Supreme Court of India against the ruling of the CAT Jammu bench. This was done with the merits of the fundamental petitions brought by the academic arrangement faculty in the Honorable High Court and CAT in mind. The rulings of the Honorable High Court and CAT were affirmed, but there is dissatisfaction over the failure to implement court orders generally, including recent Honorable Supreme Court Indian orders (CIVIL APPEAL NO. 103 OF 2021) and stay orders against recent academic arrangement notifications passed by the Honorable high court of Jammu and Kashmir.

This is particularly in the department of higher education UT Jammu and Kashmir, regarding the resumption of services of those academic arrangement faculty members whose status is protected by the orders of Honorable High court of Jammu and Kashmir and CAT (Central Administrative Tribunal) Jammu/Srinagar benches. The JKCCTA expressed their disappointment at the officers of Nodal college for acting against the stay orders and starting counseling of the fresh candidates.

The President of Jammu and Kashmir College Contractual Teachers Association (JKCCTA) Dr Fayaz Ahmad Wani and representatives from various colleges of Kashmir province addressed the media gathering on Thursday protesting at press enclave Srinagar. Dr Fayaz questioned the delay strategies and manipulation of the Honorable Supreme Court orders that harassed the professors who were already in distress, and he urged LG Manoj Sinha, Advisor to LG R.R Bhatnagar, and Principal Secretary HED to personally intervene in this matter and uphold the pillar of judiciary in the UT.

Dr Wani also urged the Civil Societies, Media Fraternity, and Bar Associations of Jammu/Srinagar to take note of this grave issue, so that the highly qualified lot of the society is not pushed to the wall and prevent them from opting any other way to get justice.

Contractual teacher Javaid Ahmad, who has been teaching for 12 years, expressed his dissatisfaction with the department and director for violating the rights granted by the Supreme Court. He and his colleagues had been replaced regularly without pay for the past two to three years, despite the security given by the high court since 2014 that they cannot be changed until the issue has been resolved completely. They want the Honorable Dhananjaya Y. Chandrachud, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, to ensure that the services he provided are not recognized in Jammu and Kashmir.


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