JKDFP expresses concern over summoning of Kashmiri Journalist by NIA


Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) on Monday expressed concern over the prevailing situation of the disputed region and said that India is using its institutions to intimidate Kashmiri people.

JKDFP spokesperson said in a statement that Kashmir as a nation is facing all sorts of violence by New Delhi and the later is using its men in uniform, investigating agencies and other institutions to silence Kashmiri people.

The spokesman said that first government started intimidating genuine political leaders of Kashmiri people like JKDFP incarcerated chairman, Shabir Shah by invoking fabricated and old decided cases against them. Then a campaign of character assassination was started against the leaders like Shabir Shah. And now every section of Kashmiri society is being targeted one by one and an onslaught on Kashmiri Journalists is the latest.

JKDFP spokesperson said that New Delhi only wants to implement its own agenda in Kashmir aiming at silencing everybody so that it can carry its long-term Kashmir policy. Strongly condemning the “dictatorial actions of Indian institutions”, JKDFP spokesperson said that ED and NIA are being used to frighten the freedom-loving Kashmiri people.

The JKDFP spokesperson expressed grave concern over the overall situation of Kashmir where even Journalists are not being spared.


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