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Yasin Malik

Chairman JKLF Muhammad Yasin Malik Saturday expressed his regret and anguish over the plight of victims of recent cloud burst at Kulan Gund in central Kashmir’s Ganderbal district which killed four people and destroyed about 4 dozen residential houses and thus has devastated dozens of families .

While distributing relief among the victims of the cloud burst, Malik said that providing relief to these affected brothers is our moral and religious duty, a party statement said.

Malik along with a delegation comprising of visited Kulan Ganderbal early today and met with the bereaved families of those who lost their lives due to cloud burst and also those who lost their residential houses due to the natural calamity.

Malik visited and met the affected families and distributed cash relief, food items, warm blankets, polythene and thermo cool sheets and other necessary relief items among them.

While praying for the four people who lost their lives due to the cloud burst and also expressing solidarity with those who lost their houses and belongings, he said that JKLF will do everything possible for these victims. He said that stopping natural calamity is not in our hands but reaching out to the affected people, providing them necessary relief and trying to uplift them is our religious, national and moral duty.

“Malik was told that after the cloud burst, it is only local youth and elders who voluntarily helped the affected people. People said that so-called government has only provided some kilograms of rice to the affected and has done nothing without this till date.  The magnitude of the natural calamity was such that besides devastating more than 40 residential houses, it totally wiped out the local graveyard,” the statement said.

On the occasion JKLF chairman appealed locals and wealthy people to support these victims of natural calamity. He said that providing relief and help to victims of natural calamities is a religious duty which we all should try to fulfil .He also appreciated the local volunteers who have been relentlessly providing help to the affected people.

Meanwhile, Yasin Malik has expressed his grief over the recent cloudburst at Baltal in which many have lost their lives and many more are missing. Expressing solidarity with the bereaved and affected families, Malik expressed regrets on the natural calamity.


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