JKMEGA Hails End Of Adhocism In JK Mechanical Engineering Fraternity

SRINAGAR: Jammu and Kashmir Mechanical Engineering Graduates Association (JKMEGA) has welcomed the end of Adhocism and Incharge Promotions in the mechanical engineering sector of Jammu and Kashmir, expressing gratitude towards the Administration for regularizing more than six hundred Incharge promotions. In a meeting held at the JKMEGA office, MED Complex, Shalteng Srinagar, members acknowledged that the promotion of engineers was a challenging task and appreciated the Administration for making the process more equitable.

JKMEGA members emphasized that the practice of Adhocism and Incharge Promotions had created an environment of uncertainty and instability, which was detrimental to the professional development of engineers. Regularizing promotions was a crucial step towards addressing these challenges, and the members expressed their appreciation towards the Administration’s commitment to doing so.

The members present at the meeting expressed their gratitude towards Manoj Sinha, Lieutenant Governor J&K, and other officials involved in the process, including R.R Bhatnagar (IPS), Advisor to LG J&K, Arun Kumar Mehta (IAS), Chief Secretary J&K, Shailendra Kumar (IAS), Principal Secretary, Public Works (R&B/MED), Shahid Mahmood (KAS), Addl. Secretary HRM, PW (R&B/MED), and the whole team of officers/officials involved.

However, JKMEGA also raised concerns regarding the recent reorganization order and urged the Administration to address the concerns raised by the Mechanical Engineering fraternity. They emphasized the importance of addressing these concerns to ensure that the Mechanical Engineering fraternity in Jammu & Kashmir can continue to thrive and develop for larger public welfare and better deliverance.

JKMEGA commends the Administration for its commitment to promoting excellence in the engineering sector and looks forward to continued collaboration in the future. The association urges all stakeholders to work together towards building a better and more sustainable future for the engineering sector in Jammu & Kashmir.


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