SRINAGAR: Against the backdrop of ‘inadequate employment opportunities,’ authorities have stated that there is a constant threat of poaching of learned and skilled youth by foreign nations.

The Planning and Monitoring Department in the ‘JK Vision Document 2047′ highlights threats in the Higher Education Department, saying, “Constant threat of poaching of learned and skilled youth by foreign countries due to the lack of proper employment opportunities.”

It also notes that a lack of coordination between academia and industry has led to unemployment or underemployment of the educated class, who then rely on the Government sector for employment.

The document recommends enhancing students’ academic competence and competitiveness by offering market-oriented, practical courses.

“The student graduates from the degree program without the diversification required by the modern competitive world,” it states.

Identifying weaknesses, JK Vision Document 2047 mentions a lack of technical exposure due to the absence of a vibrant private sector in the UT. “Despite the availability of skill courses in J&K, there is a lack of interest among youth in skill education.”

It also mentions that at least 25 newly established and existing colleges lack their own buildings.

“Despite their high qualifications and eligibility, faculty members are not permitted to work as Ph.D. supervisors and co-supervisors,” it states.

However, the document reveals that, as per NEP-2020, the department has initiated the establishment of autonomous Degree Granting Colleges.

“A significant number of faculty members from various subject areas contribute to high-quality research. This forms the basis for integrating research into undergraduate degree programs,” it reads.

The document also states that the Higher Education Department has introduced various digital initiatives and e-source management to enhance students’ learning outcomes.

“Most of the GDCs are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and virtual laboratories, offering the latest resources to learners,” it reads.

Additionally, the department consistently promotes knowledge enhancement among GDC faculty to ensure that the latest developments are effectively conveyed to the students studying in these institutions. (KNO)


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