JRL calls for boycott of upcoming Panchayat elections



The Joint Resistance Leadership (JRL) on Thursday appealed people to boycott Panchayat elections, terming the elections as ‘drama’.

JRL comprising Syed Ali Geelani, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq, and Muhammad Yasin Malik in a joint statement issued on Thursday said that “any sort of election under Indian occupational system be it for so-called assembly, parliament, municipal committee or Panchayat is meant only to harm the national interests of Kashmiris.”

“We cannot vote and hence strengthen the hands of those tyrants who separated innocent kids Maryam and Azra from their mothers and are forcing us to bury mutilated bodies of our kith and kin,” they said.

Appealing people of Kashmir to boycott Panchayat election ‘drama’ announced by the rulers, JRL leaders said, “Indian rulers and their Kashmiri stooges who on daily basis trample democracy and humanity, have been using this election drama to negate Kashmiri demand for self-determination and freedom.”

The JRL spoken added that“As a living nation it is our responsibility to safeguard sacrifices rendered by our martyrs and never forget these sacrifices,” they said, adding that “how can we vote for those so-called rulers and their parties which are hell bent on installing RSS fascism in Jammu Kashmir, who wants to change the demography of this land and turn its Muslim majority into minority and who have killed thousands of men and women, who snatched eyesight of thousands by pellets, who have caged thousands of young and old, who are engaged in vandalizing our houses and putting our localities to flames in these cold days and who are using every tyrant method to suppress our resistance.”

The JRL leaders said in a statement that “how can any Kashmiri vote and strengthen those who hanged Muhammad Maqbool Butt and Muhammad Afzal Guru, who used assemblies and institutions to formulate laws providing impunity to killer Indian forces which have till now killed more than one Lakh Kashmiris, attacked the chastity of mothers and sisters, killed thousands in custody, disappeared thousands after taking into custody and destroyed properties worth billions in Kashmir.”


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