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Terming the probe called by the state government in Shopian killings as a mere eye wash, Hurriyat Conference (M) Wednesday said administration always  announces  investigations into the innocent killings just to douse the public anger and protect the guilty involved in the cold blooded murder of the civilians.

Ridiculing the government announced probes into the civilian killings, Hurriyat spokesman said not a single inquiry had so far bore a result and held the guilty responsible for the deaths of innocents.

The spokesman said the namesake representatives of people in the state assembly have never approved an inquiry commission to probe the innocent killings. He said many such cases have been pending in the courts, FIR’s have been lodged, but the state assemble has never approved any commission to probe the innocent killings, adding, nor any resolution has been passed in that regard.

Reacting to the former Indian Army Chief, VK Singh’s startling revelations that the pro-Indian politicians were being funded by army and intelligence agencies, spokesman said the so called legislators passed a resolution to investigate the army generals claims. Pointing towards this double standard, spokesman said they never ordered a probe or inquiry into the killings of civilians people.

Spokesman said that by not revoking PSA, the government has continued with the policy of institutionalized violence on poor Kashmiris. He said that imposition of draconian laws and giving unbridled powers to army and other forces is being done in a bid to serve military interests in Kashmir. He said the pro-government politicians were in fore-front to support such laws and shield the security interests of India to weaken the pro-freedom sentiment in Kashmir.




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