JCC Misleading Innocent Employees: Sagar

KL Report


Rural Development Minister Ali Mohammad Sagar Wednesday said Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) leadership is misleading the ‘innocent employees’ by issuing protest calendars without any basis.

While talking to KNS, Sagar said there are some leaders in JCC who are retiring in the coming future and due to that they want immediate action from the government on the enhancement of retirement age. “We discussed everything with the employees leadership and the Government is always employee friendly but I wonder why they are in such a hurry,” Sagar said adding that the Government will not remain inactive to the ‘unlawful’ move of the employees.

Sagar further mentioned that the Government is bound to maintain law and order in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and any action that disturbs the Government functioning shall be dealt with the iron fist.

“We had the agreement signed and demands of the employees would most probably have been accepted but the leadership of employees are without any reason behaving like autocrats,” Sagar said adding that the employees are being misled by its leadership.

Expressing concern over shut down call for October 4 & 5 from JCC Sagar said that the Government opposes every move through which common people suffer. “The employees are partners to the Government in running the state but some elements in its leadership are using them for their own vested interests.”


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