Kashmir Neither ‘Integral Part’ Nor ‘Jugular Vein’ Of Any Country

KL Report


Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) supreme leader Amanullah Khan Wednesday said if world fails to realize its duties and responsibilities towards Kashmir issue, all the suppressed nations of the world would lose faith in peace, non-violence and justice.

“This criminal attitude of the international community is in fact bringing the whole subcontinent towards disaster,” Amanullah Khan while addressing the protest demonstration held at Press Club, Islamabad, Pakistan against what they termed as “use of oppressive measures and unleashing of terror against Kashmiris.”

According to JKLF statement issued to Srinagar based news gathering agency Global News Service (GNS), participants of the protest demonstration displayed Placards and banners against human rights violations in “Indian-held Kashmir”.

“The protest demonstrations were held against continued oppression by Indian forces, human rights violations, extra judicial killings and disappearances, brutal use of force against peaceful political activities, arrests of political leaders, firing on ceasefire line by Indian and Pakistani troops and terming Kashmir as integral part of India at UN by Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh,” the JKLF statement added.

Khan said India has broken all the records of oppression and tyrannical measures in Jammu and Kashmir. “India has been subjecting Kashmiris to the worst kind of oppression from last 62 years. Every political activity is banned there and leaders are arrested on daily basis.”

Amanullah said, “All these barbaric measures have failed and are bound to fail as oppression and suppression can never change the hearts and minds of any nation. The fact of the matter is that Kashmiris are up against illegal occupation and are demanding complete independence and no oppressive measures can deter them from their just cause.”

He said international community instead of stopping India from this tyrannical behavior is keeping a criminal silence over it. “This world will become more and more dangerous if international community continues to adapt criminal attitude over this sensitive issue,” he said.

The leaders said that Kashmir is neither the “integral part” nor the “jugular vein” of any country. “This land belongs to millions of Kashmiris who are striving for their freedom from illegal and forced occupation.”

Speakers while condemning the continuous firing between Indian and Pakistani troops on cease fire line said this has made the lives of thousands of Kashmiris hell. “If India and Pakistan are so keen to fight one another they should exchange this fire power on Wagah and other borders,” they added.


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