July 13: Grand Children of Martyrs ‘Not Allowed’ to Visit Grave Yard



The heirs of July 13, 1931 Martyrs Monday alleged that from past many years the successive state governments do not allow them to offer floral tributes and Fatheha at Martyrs’ Graveyard located at Naqashbandh Sahab in Nowhatta Srinagar.

The grandson of a Martyr, Ghulam Muhammad Halwai, from Jamia Masjid Srinagar was seen pleading before the forces to allow him towards the Martyrs’ yard, but when all his attempts proved futile, the old man returned with grim face, “cursing the rulers and men in uniform”.

At the extreme end of Jamia Masjid, the grandson and grand-daughter of July 13, 1931 Martyr, Khazar Muhammad, were eagerly waiting to cross over the concertina wire, that had been laid to restrict the movement of the people. “We are the heirs of the Martyrs. People of Kashmir have every right to visit the Naqashbandh Sahab grave yard to offer their respect for these martyrs, but it has become the practice of the ‘autocratic’ government to bar people from visit the grave yard,” Muhammad Shafi told CNS.

Same views were expressed by the family members of Naseeruddin Ahmed of Chinkral Mohalla Habba Kadal one of the 13 July 1931 Martyrs. “It is irony that PDP led government requests its alliance partner to visit the Martyrs Graveyard, but did not allow its own people to visit it. Unionist politicians have no right to go there,” said a family member.

When police did not allow the ailing old sister of a Martyr to move towards Naqashbandh sahab, one of the Congress activists, Muhammad Sultan Handoo, appealed and requested a police officer to let the old lady cross the barricades, “but the officer did not oblige”. “This is injustice and an act of oppression. The people of Kashmir especially the heirs of martyrs are forcibly stopped on this historic day. What far these political workers were allowed to visit the grave yard, just to listen to the speech of Mufti. It is shame that government has made it a practice to play with the sentiments of the people on July 13 every year,” Mandoo said.

“Gone are the days when late Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir Bakshi Ghulam Muhamamd used to visit the families of the July 13, 1931 Martyrs. Bakshi used to befriend these families. But now, not speaking of visiting the Martyrs families, government even did not allow them to visit the grave yard,” the Congress activists said.


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