Just 3 kms from Islamabad town, Anzawlla village feels neglected

Umar Khurshid

Srinagar: The residents of Anzwalla village, situated a few kilometres from Islamabad town blamed authorities for failing to provide basic amenities to them.

As one enters to this village, the first thing that catches one’s attention is dilapidated roads. A closer look reveals how this village manages the acute scarcity of water, erratic power supply and bad transport facilities. “It seems we still live in the Stone Age,” said Babar, a local student.

A picture of Anchidora-Anzwalla dilapidated road

“The roads in our area are in complete shambles and even a small downpour inundates them,” said Wali Mohammad, a local resident. “These roads turn muddy during rainy season thereby making the movement of vehicles and pedestrians difficult.”

“Due to the bad roads, our vehicles suffer extensive damage every year,” said a local driver, adding that the maintenance cost of vehicles had also gone up considerably.

The condition of the Anzwalla road is pathetic, said Gulzar, a local who called Kashmir Life. “The only road connecting almost eight Chaks, excluding Anzwalla village, with each other is bumpy and dotted with potholes, making the movement of vehicles and pedestrians difficult,” Mohammad Farooz, a local resident. He said, during summer season this unpaved road becomes dusty, causing respiratory diseases in the area.

Despite its closeness to Islamabad town, the “development” in this village happened on papers only. “The bad condition of roads keeps most of the public transport vehicles away from the area, leaving commuters at the mercy of Allah,” said Bilal Ahmad. “The situation gets complicated when we have to ferry patients including expecting mothers to the district hospital.”

Interestingly, most of the public transport vehicles plying on this route belong to the locals from Anzwalla village who ferry commuters at will. “They don’t follow any proper timing leaving students and other office going commuters in lurch,” said Owais, a student. “Every day we reach college late because of their control over transport and timing.”

An official from Deputy Commissioner Islamabad’s office said that the macadamization for Anzwalla road will be taken up soon.

While confirming the inconveniences faced by the residents because of lack of transport he said that “the transport system for Anzwalla is a matter of concern and I assure that problems faced by residents will be sorted out soon.”


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