Kamal frustrated face of NC: Jama’at-i-Islami

KL Report


Influential politico-religious organization Jama’at-e-Islami Thursday castigated Mustafa Kamal for claiming that Jama’at will support Peoples Democratic Party in the coming elections. JeI Chief Muhammad Abdullah Wani said that Kamal is a frustrated face of National Conference who is known for issuing ridiculous statements.

 “We have already made it clear that we would not participate or support any pro-India party in the coming elections. Any pro-India party whether it is NC, PDP or  Congress should understand that they are the rejected parties and JeI never on earth can support any of these parties,” Wani said adding that Jama’at never supported PDP and neither it is on tenterhooks to ensure PDP’s win.

Muhammad Abdullah Wani said that NC leader Mustafa Kamal does not know what he is talking and, ‘it is his sheer frustration that forces him to utter this rubbish’.

Pertinently, Kamal had claimed that Jama’at has directed its cadre to support PDP in the coming elections.

 Jama’at-e-Islami said that it has asked its cadre to stay away from forthcoming elections. “We also appeal to the people of Kashmir to boycott the elections as they did in past. It is the policy of Jama’at to stay away from polls since 1987 and this time also we will adhere to this policy,” Wani said. He said though Jama’at will boycott the elections but it will not start a campaign in this regard, as it is busy with other religious and social issues. (CNS)


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