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National Conference Party President Farooq Abdullah has said that the NC-Congress Alliance in Parliamentary Elections was working “perfectly well” and that Mustafa Kamal’s comments stating anything to the contrary were irrelevant.

“Congress votes were transferred effectively to National Conference candidates in the Anantnag Parliamentary Segment election and Congress leaders in South Kashmir worked with utmost honesty and dedication to ensure that the NC-Congress Coalition Candidates win with large margins,” party spokesman quoting Farooq Abdullah as having said, adding that the same “cooperation and mutual trust” would be seen in the Baramulla-Kupwara Parliamentary Segment as well.

Farooq Abdullah said that the NC-Congress Alliance in these Parliamentary Elections was an ideological coalition that was brought together under the common cause of secularism. “We are fighting a common enemy and we are protecting a common interest and that interest is secularism. The question of differences doesn’t arise anywhere,” Farooq Abdullah said.

Farooq Abdullah said that National Conference was a strong votary of Rahul Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister of the country and had made it amply clear that Narendra Modi, given his communal instincts and divisive nature should never become the Prime Minister of the country. “We reiterate our resolve of being in this battle with Congress together – a battle to safeguard our history, our secular credentials, traditions and ethos,” Farooq said.

Stating that PDP’s tactical alliance with BJP was now an open chapter, Farooq Abdullah said that National Conference and Congress were together committed to defeat the BJP-PDP nexus in the State. “We will not allow BJP to make inroads into J&K through the trojan horse called PDP. Their alliance has been exposed in how they worked with BJP against the Congress candidates in Jammu region. The people of J&K will ensure a befitting response to this unholy nexus,” Farooq said.


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