Karan Singh Pitches For New Environmental Policy

KL Report


Expressing anguish over the degradation of environment and ecological imbalance in Himaliyan region, former Sadr-i-Riyasat Dr Karan Singh Saturday said that there should be an organizing reappraisal of whole environmental policy in the Himalayas.

Karan Singh told CNS that Uthrakhand like tragedies are bound to occur if environmental policies are not reshaped and pollution are not controlled. “It is a serious matter and we have to be careful in future. Ecological imbalances and environmental degradation would lead us towards disaster,” he said adding the horrific Himalayan tsunami has caused untold havoc in Utrakhand.

He said extensive deforestation and the construction of massive dams spontaneously invites the natural calamity. He said he is going to donate Rs 55 lakhs for the victims of Uttrakhand.

Karan Singh termed the completion of long rail tunnel between Qazigund and Bannihal as a big achievement and said that this would not only prove comfortable for the people but it will also give a boost to the economy.


  1. Where was he all thees years , a silent spectator his state has been vandalized beyond repair Himalayan range is gasping for breath chokes dying Let him take lead, action not sermons are need of the hour


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