Karbala’s Message Will Resonate Till Eternity: Dr Farooq Abdullah

KL Report


In a special message on the Youm-e-Ashura, National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah has said that the ultimate sacrifice of Hazrat Imam Husayn (RA) was a beacon of light for Muslims and for the glory of Islam. Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that Hazrat Imam Husayn (RA)’s martyrdom gave Muslims a timeless lesson and example in patience, sacrifice and courage and needs to be honored by striving for unity in the Muslim Ummah.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah in his message has said that the message from Karbala that will resonate till eternity is that of faith and justice and the struggle of Imam Husayn (RA) for the cause of Islam and peace. “Wherever there will be injustice and repression in the world, the people would remember the sacrifice and martyrdom of Hazrat Imam Husayn (RA) and take inspiration from it. Imam Husayn (RA)’s sacrifice is a chapter in the history of Islam and humanity that represents the victory of good over evil and the inevitable rout of injustice and repression”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah added.

“Even though the forces of Yazid spilled the blood of Imam Husayn (RA) and his companions on the fields of Karbala, today after fourteen centuries humanity in general and Muslims in particular continue to be proud of these supreme sacrifices. This fight of justice against injustice will continue till the Day of Judgment and will always end with an indomitable victory for truth and honor”, Dr. Farooq Abdullah said.

Dr. Farooq Abdullah said that Youm-e-Ashura was a day of mourning and also one to take a pledge for the unity of the Muslim Ummah and defeat those forces who are invested in dividing us on sectarian lines. “Our unity would be the biggest tribute to Hazrat Imam Husayn (RA) and his companions”, Dr. Farooq said.

Veteran National Conference Leader Advocate Sheikh Nazir Ahmed has also paid glorious tributes to Hazrat Imam Husayn (RA) on Youm-e-Ashura and asked the people of the State to weld unity amongst themselves as a tribute to the sacrifices of Karbala.


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