Kargil takes solar power to two remote hamlets

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Kargil Renewable Energy Development Agency (KREDA) took solar power to remote desert’s two remote villages  Stakchey Brok and Fooker Bodh Kharbu. The agency is using Nano Grid electricity,

“No village in my constituency is left without electricity” Haji Amir, the acting chief executive councilor LAHDC Kargil said while inaugurating the facility. The inauguration took place in anticipation of Losar, Ladakhi New Year, Sajad Hussain reported from Kargil.

Situated at an altitude of 14,000 feet above mean sea level, Stakchey Brok was electrified with three grids of 250kW, 100kW and 70kW capacity. Three grids of 70kW, one grid of 250kW and five grids of 100kW capacity were installed in Fookar Bodh Kharboo. Now every household can now use seven DC LED bulbs.


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