Karra Cautions Omar Against ‘Pushing Kashmir Back Into Gory Era Of 90s’

KL Report


Accusing Omar Abdullah-led NC-Congress coalition Government of again pushing Kashmir into ruinous circumstances that led to eruption of turmoil in early 1990’s, senior PDP leader and former Finance Minister Tariq Hameed Karra Saturday said the State Government must immediately put an end to the reign of repression let loose by the law enforcing agencies.

In a statement issued here today, Karra said Kashmir has already seen thousands of deaths and its hapless populace has undergone untold miseries. “We can’t afford to lose another generation to another vicious circle of violence,” he said and called for urgent measures to be taken to rein in the government forces to restore people’s confidence.

Terming the arrival of present regime in 2009 as the biggest misfortune for the State, Karra said having completely failed to handle the situation both on political and developmental fronts, Omar Abdullah Government instead of taking measures in anticipation of the trouble, only reacts in panic and creates circumstances that go on adding to the public outrage.

“The irony is that the inhabitants of Srinagar city, who were instrumental in installing the present regime with lot of fanfare, have become the worst victims of its atrocities and rampant misgovernance,” Karra said and added that he is pained to see the despondency, helplessness and despair among the people all around.

Karra said the optimistic scenario synonymous with peace and prosperity that had emerged in the State during PDP-led Government between 2002 and 2005 is nowhere in sight today. “Where have Omar Sahab’s all those boastful promises of turning around J&K on developmental and economic fronts dissipated when he sought vote from the people in 2008 on the  issues of Sadak, Paani, Bijli,” he said and added that people won’t be now be fooled by raising rhetorical pitch on AFSPA and indulging in histrionics over innocent killings. “They have seen enough of these dramatics of failed rulers over the past 60 years,” he said.

Karra said while public outrage is justified in present atrocious and appalling scenario, “I appeal people to maintain calm as it is we hapless inhabitants of this fateful place who are ultimately at the receiving end of the abominable situation.”


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