Kashmir A Disputed Territory And Lists Top In UN Agenda: Hurriyat Conference (G)

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Terming the statement of senior Congress leader and Member parliament Mani Shankar Aiyar as ridiculous and bundle of contradictions, Hurriyat conference has reiterated that Kashmir issue cannot be resolved by providing more powers to Panchayat members or change in deployment of forces. “Kashmir is a core issue recognized by international community and can be resolved as per resolutions passed in United Nation”, said the spokesperson of the party.

In its cut reply to Mani Shankar Ayer, Hurriyat conference has made it clear that “Kashmir is neither a law and order problem nor merely economical or domestical issue or matter related to poverty, it is a disputed territory and lists top in UN agenda.”

As per a statement the spokesman has said on Sunday that congress leader seems to be unaware regarding the facts related to Kashmir issue and added, “How a person who with deliberate intention distorts the historical facts can teach or ask others to learn lesson from history. Congress leader is hiding the facts and is trying to distort the historical realities with respect to Kashmir issue.”

While criticizing the ‘irresponsible’ behaviour of senior congress leader, spokesman has added that congress leader instead of behaving as a responsible citizen has ignored all norms while commenting Syed Ali Geelani. “Geelani represents the aims and aspirations of people and is committed to create history by serving the cause which is more paramount rather to be a history teacher or teach lessons. Mani Shankar Ayer and like other persons can argue discuss or even make negative or positive comments but they can’t change his stand as regards Kashmir dispute nor it is possible to slash high political stature of Geelani by the absurd and silly statements.”

The spokesman further lashed out at congress leader and asked if people do not agree with Geelani then, why since last three years he is being detained in his house and prevented from meeting the people if he has lost the faith in public. “They should come with answer why they are afraid to face him on political platform.” And while referring to the statement of Mani Shankar Ayer that ‘in 1991 when he along with Rajiv Gandhi visited the state people were shouting Azadi and afterwards people defied freedom struggle and casted votes and declared that they are very much a part of India.’

Spokesman reminded congress leader that elections in state are being held since last 60 years but fact is that there seems to be no impact of these elections.  “The peoples uprising in 2008 & 2010 had in its clear message depicted their aspirations and even the world stand witness for the mass movement. If people have defied the freedom struggle then why Mohammad Afzal Guru was hanged and why month long Curfew were imposed,” asked spokesman.


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