‘Kashmir A Fuse in Tinder-Box of South Asia,’ says Andrabi



Syed Altaf Andrabi
Syed Altaf Andrabi

After a campaign of six months, Mahaz-e-Azadi – a separatist group – elected Syed Altaf Andrabi as President for a period of two years on May 0ne.

The election campaign culminated on May 1, 2016 when the 7-member consultative body (Majlis-e-Shoora) unanimously elected Andrabi.

In a statement issued here, party patron, Muhammad Azam Inquilabi, while congratulating Andrabi, advised him to be engrossed in endeavours to rejuvenate the cadres of the party and galvanize them into a campaign for peaceful and honourable settlement of Kashmir issue.

Syed Altaf Andrabi while dilating on various aspects of Kashmir issue in his presidential address, said, “Kashmir resistance icons late Sofi Muhammad Akbar and Maqbool Butt will continue to inspire the millions of Kashmiri youth. Mahaz-e-Azadi activists take pride in empathizing and identifying themselves with the resistance icons and the six lakh martyrs who sacrificed their precious lives for the noble and sacred cause of Azadi. Kashmiris feel sandwiched between the belligerent nuclear powers India and Pakistan.”

Andrabi said, “It is true that nuclear weapons and missiles of India and Pakistan have guaranteed compulsive détente and entente between the two hostile neighbours of South Asia; however. it is equally true that young resistance hawks of Kashmir feel perpetually motivated to add to the ambience of vulnerability.”

“Indian Premier Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s pledge and promise is still sacred and sacrosanct. It has not become redundant notwithstanding the perfidy and treachery of Indian rulers who succeeded late Pt Nehru,” he added.

“In the backdrop of this situation, Muhammad Azam Inquilabi, Patron Mahaz-e-Azadi, propounded 3D – Freedom Formula to achieve the objective of peace and tranquillity,” he said.

“Kashmir is a nuclear flash-point. It is certainly a fuse in the tinder-box of South Asia. Nuclear powers like USA, China, Russia, Britain and France should display promptitude in addressing Kashmir issue,” he added.


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