Kashmir A Pressure Cooker Without Safety Valve: Mehbooba


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Strongly condemning the mass arrest of youth and political leaders People’s Democratic Party (PDP) today said the government has converted Kashmir into a pressure cooker without a safety valve. “Every means of expression is virtually sealed by an insecure government that has fully collaborated in the secret execution of Mohammad Afzal Guru and is now trying to raise its stock further in Delhi for being champions of enforcing a silence through undemocratic and illegitimate methods”, she said.

Mehbooba said hundreds of youth have been arrested throughout the division which include scores of teenagers as well. There are many instances in which a father has been arrested and kept as a hostage for ‘good behavior of his son’, she said and added the government by resorting to such draconian methods is destroying whatever was left of our democratic claims. She said large number of youth affiliated with the PDP have been detained only to cater to NC’s growing sense of insecurity in the wake of continued exposure through press reports of Omar Abdullah’s role in facilitating Guru’s execution.

“The ruling party that has exploited Kashmir sentiment for decades to play the double game for retaining power has brought the state almost to the same situation that pushed Afzal Guru to gallows in 2001 at the hands of dreaded SOG, a creation of Farooq Abdullah”, she said.

She said the intolerance of the government has definitely added to the deep psychological scars created by Afzal’s hanging as against more transparent and legally tenable course adopted in other similar cases from other states.

“Kashmir has gone unheard yet again and the government has used the familiar tactics of dominating the scene with overwhelming security deployment and indiscriminate arrests”, Mehbooba said. She regretted that the devotees were prevented even from going to the shrine of Hazrat Dastgeer saheb on his urs apart from disallowing Friday prayers.

Reiterating the party demand to return Afzal’s remains to the family Mehbooba said that is the only sane option to reduce their pain of the family and the hurt sentiment of people at large. She said the government of India should not sit on prestige in a genuine and emotional issue like this which can have unpredictable consequences.

Mehbooba said while the people are still struggling to come out of the shock caused by the hanging the national conference living up to its tradition is busy in its petty schemes to serve its vested interest and that of the Abdullah family. She said the government was brazenly trying to transfer back the control of the Institute of Medical Sciences Soura to Abdullah family even though the court has upheld its take over by the state government.

Mehbooba said the news reports about the government processing the return of the institute to the family in the backdrop of a clamour for return of Afzal Guru’s remains and mass arrests exposes National Conference in its true colours. She said the party is displaying a vulture mentality to feast on miseries of the people and is behaving like the proverbial ‘kafan chor’  in transferring the institute back to the family that has not contributed a single rupee into its establishment except giving it a name and ruling the roost in its management for many decades. “Even though the High Court has categorically established that Abdullah family or the so called Trust had hardly any contribution in the institute the government has used this particular painful juncture for such a massive fraud on people in the belief that while everybody is focused on a tragic event they would carry out their tricks without being detected”she said. Mehbooba added that the entire cost of construction and establishment of the institute has been borne by the government and the Abdullah family does not have a claim even on a single brick of it.

Mehbooba said the ruling family has already disposed of some prime property transferred to the institute by previous governments. That was done in a highly questionable manner and apparently for commercial purposes. She said the NC and ruling family are trying to get back the control of the institute with an eye on some more prime property transferred to it by the government for which it is reportedly in ‘negotiation’ with a party for a deal that was aborted previously as a result of its take over by the government.

Mehbooba was addressing a party workers meeting of Srinagar district the party president said the anger management exercise by the government has reached a new and more atrocious level with people being denied even the basic liberties of expression.

The meeting called to discuss the situation created by the hanging of Afzal Guru was also attended by senior leader Maulvi Iftikhar Hussein Ansari, Naeem Akhtar, district president Mohammad Ashraf Mir, Abdul Hamid Kohsheen and other senior workers.


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