Kashmir Flooded: Srinagar Literally Inaccessible From Most Of Periphery

KL Report


Floods have snapped Kashmir capital from most of the peripheral towns and it could have a telling impact on the relief and rescue efforts. Most of the roads are either submerged or the critical culverts on the road have been washed away.

A particular bridge on the Srinagar-Gulmarg road was washed away by the floods near Kunzar which has severely impacted the connectivity.

A vast stretch of the road between Srinagar and Pattan is submerged and is very difficult for use. This has impacted the road communication with the north Kashmir.

A long belt between Sangham and Barsoo is under water which includes the highway between Srinagar and Islamabad. The water level is as huge as two ft and it is very difficult for use. Some top officials including a minister is trapped on way and are not in a position to either return or proceed ahead.


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