Kashmir Flooded: Toll Going Up Gradually

KL Report


As people are fleeing their places to save themselves, casualties are gradually going up.

Public broadcaster Radio Kashmir said two sons and their father were washed away by roaring Sukhnag. Details said the three members of the family were crossing the rivulet near Arizal when father fell in the river. His two sons desperately tried to save their father as a result of which all the three were washed away.

Reports about a landslide trapping nearly 15 persons in Thanamandi area of Rajouri was also received. While four corpses have been retrieved, all others are reportedly still trapped. It is not known if the trapped people are alive or dead.

Two civilians were reported dead as Brazulla bridge was washed away by flood water, reports from Kulgam said.

One person each was reported dead from Budhal in Rajouri and a women in Sunderbani which falls in the same belt.


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