SRINAGAR: Concerns have been raised regarding the responsibilities of the Haj Committee of India and the State Haj Committee Jammu and Kashmir following the arrival of Jammu and Kashmir pilgrims in Saudi Arabia for Hajj 2024.

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The recent arrival of pilgrims in Makkah has shed light on several issues and challenges faced by the pilgrims.

A Hajj pilgrim from Kashmir, shared his experience over the phone from Saudi Arabia. He revealed that their scheduled flight on May 12, 2024, was meant to land in Madina.

However, due to heavy rainfall, the flight had to be diverted to Jeddah airport. Upon landing, the pilgrims were boarded onto a bus, which remained parked near the airport for the entire night. Shockingly, the pilgrims were left without food and water, spending the first night of the holy pilgrimage in distress.

He expressed dismay, particularly for the aged pilgrims and those with ailments like diabetes, who endured starvation and dehydration throughout the night. He lamented, “We were bundled into a bus like cattle and kept in a corner for the entire night. The next day, the bus proceeded towards Madina, and we reached the beloved Prophet’s (saw) city in the same condition, without food and water.”

Despite claims of effective arrangements by the Haj Committee of India and the State Haj Committee, the reality experienced by the pilgrims has been starkly different. Reports of hardships and difficulties abound, with pilgrims citing a lack of available supervisors to address their issues.

Furthermore, the Khadim-ul-Hujjaj, entrusted with serving and guiding the pilgrims, allegedly seemed preoccupied with personal engagements upon their arrival, further exacerbating the pilgrims’ concerns.

The local news agency  tried to seek comments from concerned Hajj committee officials. However, repeated attempts to contact them didn’t fructify.(KNO)


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