Where is Kashmir in Indo-Pak talks: Asks Malik

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“Kashmir should be the core issue and a priority in India-Pakistan dialogue,” underlined the resolution passed by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front, bar association, trade unions, religious organizations and the civil society in a seminar organized by the JKLF here on Sunday.

During the seminar titled “Indo-Pak relations and Jammu and Kashmir”, Mohammad Yasin Malik, chairman JKLF, said Kashmir leadership should not give any priority to the dialogue with India at present and should rather concentrate on Pakistan so that Kashmir issue could get resolved at the earliest.

“The pro-Pakistan political parties here must come forward and urge Pakistan to keep the resolution of Kashmir issue on priority during the Indo-Pak talks. We see that during the Indo-Pak dialogue, they discuss everything including trade and culture but Kashmir and its people have always been forgotten during these meets. ”

Malik further stated that whenever there are any crises in Kashmir, Pakistan always affirms its stand that it is committed to resolve all the issues with India including Kashmir but at the end of the day Pakistan discusses everything with its neighbor except Kashmir. “I want to ask Pakistan that do you want Kashmir always in crises where more than 95 percent of people are suffering from depression.”

Malik added that the world disputes have always been resolved through dialogue but since 1947 the dialogue has not yielded anything for Kashmir. “We have to ascertain that why Pakistan has kept Kashmir on back burner when the people of Kashmir are passing through a turbulent situation.”

Slamming intellectuals over being unrealistic towards the main issue of Kashmir, Malik said that the writers here are divided into two groups and that one groups writes for India and another for Pakistan. “Our nation is intellectually orphan and the writers here need to adopt objective approach and a unanimous stand.”

Malik maintained that the regional parties here have been established so that the dissent could be crushed at large and to hijack the issues of human rights violations and other vital issues. “Now the people here have been given the choice that whether they want to be beaten up by Muftis or by Abdullahs.”

Talking about the unity among the pro-freedom camp, Malik stated that he made continuous efforts so that the unity could become possible in the resistance camp and that his efforts were always neglected and overlooked. “I once asked the former advisor of Indian Prime Minster that why India is not serious over Kashmir. He replied that the fight in Kashmir is now between the separatist leaders therefore India has nothing to do.”

The resolution passed by the JKLF, religious scholars, bar association, civil society members and trade unions urged governments of India and Pakistan to focus on and make all out efforts to address Jammu Kashmir problem, to settle core issues of Jammu Kashmir in accordance with the wishes and aspirations of people of Jammu Kashmiris as to put an end to sufferings, to settle the issue in accordance with the universal principle of self determination and to involve the pro freedom leadership of Jammu Kashmir who are not against dialogue per se.

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