Kashmir: Killing of 5 non-local labourers a pre-planned attack, says Mamata Banerjee


Reacting on the killing of five labourers from Bengal in Kashmir on October 29, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has slammed the Narendra Modi-led central government claiming that killings were pre-planned murder, a report by India Today said on Thursday.

The Speaking to reporters in Kolkata, the chief minister questioned the security arrangements in place in Kashmir at a time when a delegation of European Union MPs was visiting the Valley, the report said.

“I don’t want to discriminate between local and non-local people…but the manner they were murdered brutally after being abducted, I think it is a pre-planned murder,” India Today quoted Mamata Banerjee as saying and demanded a “strong investigation” into the killings to find out the truth.

Accusing the Centre of failing to do its duty, Mamata Banerjee said, “In Kashmir, there are no political activities and there is no political party there currently. The entire administration belongs to the central government, the Army and the other central forces. And on that day a delegation of European Union parliamentarians was visiting the state. In spite of all this, how could they abduct these poor innocent fellows … I am really shocked,” the report added.

Meanwhile, the report quoted BJP saying that Mamata Banerjee should focus on Bengal. “We attack Pakistan while Mamata Banerjee attacks our own govt…poor citizens of her state leave Bengal in search of jobs in other states and she makes such comments…she should be ashamed,” India Today quoted Bengal BJP chief Dilip Ghosh as saying.

He added, “She should first concentrate on Bengal. Each day bombs are being recovered from TMC offices. Now she wants to use the Bengali sentiment but what about those people being killed here every day, are they, not Bengalis, India Today reported.


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