Discrepancies in records of pensioners; Govt direct officers to provide details of employees


The authorities have decided to prepare an action plan for checking the service books of employees to avoid discrepancies in records of pensioners.

A source in Accountant General Department said that officials have been often noticing discrepancies in the records of pensioners. “There are 1.60 lakh pensioners in Jammu and Kashmir. There have been discrepancies in records of over 20,000 pensioners over the years,” the source said.

“Most of the time the pensioners had withdrawn excess amount than the permissible amount. In one of the cases, a pensioner had withdrawn Rs 2 lakh more than the permissible amount,” the source said.

In some cases, the source said that pensioner had withdrawn fewer amounts then the permissible amount. “These happen either due to clerical errors or deliberately done by officials of their respective departments,” he added.

Now, the Finance Department has written to administrative secretaries to direct concerned officers for providing details of employees.

“Account General has enabled to prepare an action plan for checking the service books of employees,” Director Codes Finance Department has told in a letter to departments.

“Account General has informed that incorrect pay fixation is resulting in perpetual loss to the state exchequer and has desired to re-start the verification of pay fixation of the employees of the state government so that the undue financial benefits are regulated within the provisions of Article 242 of JKCSRs Vol-I and to avoid the effecting of recoveries at the end of employees service,” the letter reads.

Earlier, the Account General had written to the Finance Department that “while verifying the pay fixation at the time of retirement, the accountant general effects recovery of excess amount drawn by retiree from pensionary benefits i.e, gratuity etc, which gives rise to increasing court cases and discontent among state government employees”.

In 2013, the Accountant General Department had framed pay verification cells to check the records of employees before retirement. “But they no more exist here. It has again been decided to frame these cells so there is less scope for discrepancies in records of employees,” the source said.

There are at present 4.50 lakh state government employees. A government employee becomes eligible to get all pensionary benefits if he completes 20 years of service. (KNS)


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