Kashmir Law College Converts Into Battle Ground Over Ragging


SRINAGAR: Chaotic scenes were seen at Kashmir Law College at Nowshera in central Kashmir’s Srinagar district on Thursday after two groups of students fought against each other over ragging, which has been banned by Supreme Court.

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As per students of the college, the premises turned into a battle ground on Thursday between the students of 3rd semester and 8th semester over ragging.

A student of Kashmir Law College told News Agency KDC that the situation turned violent after two local outsiders entered the campus and started beating some senior students of the college adding that few of them received injuries during the fight.

A 3rd semester student of the college said that he was thrashed by 8th semester students to such an extent that his eardrum suffered a fracture.

Another student wishing said, “The 8th semester students always beat or thrash junior students and resort to ragging of juniors, claiming that there are seniors in the college.”

The students asked why and how do the college authorities allow ragging in the college when it is banned by the Supreme Court of India.

“One of our classmates attempted suicide because of the everyday harassment she had to bear and witness”, the student added.

Another student said, “We are here for studies not for chaos, but these ill-mannered seniors have halted our educational process, we feel insecure and pressurized”.

The students demanded strict action from the authorities and requested administration to intervene in this matter. The students also demanded rustication of all these students involved in these acts.

The Principal of Law College in a notice has said that there will be no class work in the college on 16th of April 2021 and Saturday.

Another notice issued by the college has claimed that the college has taken cognizance of the matter and has constituted a disciplinary committee to look into it.

An official from Law College told News Agency KDC that the college authorities have issued the showcase notice to three 8th semester students who were allegedly involved in gross misconduct within campus resulting in injuries to three students.

Meanwhile, students of BA LLB 8th semester protested in the press enclave Srinagar and said they are innocent, adding that the allegations leveled at us are baseless. (KDC)


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