Kashmir Marathon’: ‘We won’t Allow Kashmir to be Defamed,’ says Para



Waheed Ur Rehman Para
Waheed ur Rehman Para

The first ever international grand marathon in Kashmir began from Naseem Bagh at Kashmir University along the scenic Dal Lake. According to organizers the main aim of the marathon, in which professional runners from outside India also participated, “was to promote healthy lifestyle and raise awareness about the need to protect dying water bodies”.

“People participated in marathon enthusiastically, as is evident from the fact that people from all nook and corners assembled at the venue before dawn,” said PDP state youth president Waheed-ur-Rehman Para.

He said, “this was the first ever International Marathon in Kashmir and that too was disrupted by some miscreants as thousands of people at the venue had assembled and were enthusiastic for the long run.”

Para said that strict action would be taken against the miscreants. “It was shocking that some miscreants molested girls, who were enthusiastically participating in the long run. Whosoever created the chaos and was involved in eve teasing will be booked and strict action will be taken against guilty.”

While describing the chaos and commotion at the event as part of conspiracy to keep youth out of good bond, Para said, “this is bizarre, though we all know these miscreants and their character well as was exposed clearly in the marathon and even before. All this is actually a part of a bigger conspiracy to push Jammu and Kashmir youth in dark ages and show that this is a Muslim culture essentially and it was an aggression to keep the youth out of bond from all healthy activities.”

Describing the Crafting commotion, eve-teasing and sabotaging property at the first ever marathon a big shame, he said, “they molested girls under the garb of Pakistani flags, raised pro-Pakistan slogans. This is such a disturbing thing while doing dagger acts, under the guise of Islamic banners.”

The theme of the run was: “I AM THE CHANGE” to provide a platform for the locals to stand for social causes like saving Dal Lake, fighting drug abuse, and keeping the city clean. It was also for promotion of traffic awareness, and respect for senior citizens and women.

“The main idea was to take care of the water bodies around us, take care of the drinking water around us. That’s why the hash tags, “I am the Change”, said the organizers of the event.

State Youth president further added, “our next generation will not overlook us and will curse us for our misdeeds. Some elements are hell bent upon to make our Kashmir hell for their pity interests. It is unfortunate that we don’t understand and realize their planned strategy”.


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